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The Southport
Stamp & Postcard
Founded in 1930
The Southport Stamp & Postcard Club

Club History

The Foundation of the Southport Stamp & Postcard Club


The Club name has changed over the years, with variations from Southport Philatelic Society, to Southport Stamp and Postcard Club, but whatever the name we are the same group which has been providing interest and enjoyment to our members since 1930.


Fortunately, we retain records of much of the Club’s early activity. Read on to see what happened...

The first act in our story was the holding of a preliminary meeting, on 23rd October 1930.


The Minute Book shows that Messrs B Goodfellow, V Clegg, H M Coulson, W E Edleston, H R Hamilton and A Harker-Holroyd were present, and Dr Baildon, Major Lintoff, Messrs E H Birch, W A Bonghey, E W Bowker and G A Smith sent their apologies.


Officers were provisionally appointed, the preparation of rules was delegated, and the formation of a committee proposed for the next meeting, 6th November.

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The formation of the Society was reported in the Southport Visiter

The meeting of 6th November duly confirmed the actions taken at the first meeting, thanked Dr Baildon for the presentation of the first item in the Society's library, and additionally agreed to the rental of £2 per year for the meeting room at Martin's Bank Chambers.


The very first 'philatelic' presentation came with the next meeting, on 27th November 1930, when Mr Edleston displayed his collection of Great Britain which 'though small had some items of interest.'

A duplicated letter was sent out to known stamp collectors and philatelists who, it was thought, might be interested in joining the new Society.

A duplicated letter was sent out to known stamp collectors and philatelists who, it was thought, might be interested in joining the new Society.


Dear Sir,


At a meeting held on the 23rd inst. Chairman Mr B Goodfellow, Vice-President of the Manchester Philatelic Society, and Member of the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society, it was decided to form the Southport and District Philatelic Society, subscription 5/-, persons over 16 years of age eligible. Joint Secretaries:- W E Edleston. H R Hamilton. Union Bank of Manchester Ltd, Lord Street, Southport. Next meeting Thursday 6th November, Martins Bank Chambers, 363 Lord Street.


Yours faithfully


W E Edleston, H R Hamlton

The meeting of 27th November was recorded in the Southport Visiter

By 11th December 1930, the members were in agreement that the growth in numbers meant that the premises at Martin's Bank were no longer large enough (after three meetings!) and authorised the committee to look for larger rooms. These were found at the Southport Medical Society's premises at 52 Hoghton Street. On 8th January 1931, the members agreed to move, and the next meeting, on 22nd January 1931 was held in the new premises, which had been hired at a cost of 5/- per meeting, significantly dearer than the Bank! In the event, the Society would continue at Hoghton Street until 27th March 1946.


Through 1931, the meetings, held twice monthly, were attended by between 8 and 13 members.

The first printed Syllabus was for the season October 1931-June 1932

The first printed Syllabus of the Society was issued for the season October 1931-June 1932 The season’s delights included a talk on 25th February 1932 given by Col G Grylls on on the stamps of Egypt, a talk fully reported in the Southport Visiter, which continued to provide regular and welcome coverage of the Society's proceedings.

Col Grylls exhibited his stamps of Egypt, on 25th February 1932

1932 saw the production of the first set of accounts for the Society, and showed that in a time of Depression and financial stringency due care was being taken of the members' assets. An accumulated income of £14 11s 9d was reported, with a balance in hand of

£3 12s 11d - Mr Micawber would have approved!


By 1935, members were partaking of coffee during the meetings - a practice which, we are pleased to report, continues to the present day, except that we generally serve tea! Members were asked to pay 4d in 1935 compared to 20p today, so taking inflation into account our twenty-first century philatelists are getting much better value for money. We even have free biscuits!

The Society’s first Accounts covered the period 1930-32

The topics covered during the course of each year presumably reflected the interests of the members - or the planning committee! Belgium featured in the schedules for 1936-7, and 1937-8, and 1938-9. and controversy was not avoided when, in March 1938, Dr J P T Musson proposed 'Philately versus Numismatics.'


Members' Evenings have also played a prominent part in the programme of the Society, though Members' Ten Minute Papers instituted in 1931 had become Members' Five Minute Papers by 1934, and Members' Three Minute Papers in 1938!


The war took its toll on the meetings of the Society, though by 1942 the printed syllabus was back in evidence, and Members' Papers were back to ten minutes! Joint meetings with the Crosby Philatelic Society started in February 1944 and continued for a number of years.

The first overt recognition of wartime events was in April 1946 when Mr H Graham, from Liverpool, spoke on 'French War Issues.'


The immediate post-war period saw a number of changes. The founding President, Mr Goodfellow, and Vice President, Mr Clegg, had swapped offices in 1934, and then continued unchanged until Mr T R Highton, who had become an additional Vice President in 1943, took over the Presidency in 1946. There was also a change of venue, with the Society moving to Southport Technical College from the start of the 1946-7 season, a venue which would provide the Society's home for thirty years. And, probably inevitably, the subscription which had remained at 5l- since the foundation was raised to 7/6d from the start of the 1947 season.

The Society’s first post-war Syllabus for the 1945-46 season

The Society’s second post-war Syllabus for the 1946-47 season

1950 saw the start of a circulating Packet, a means for collectors to buy and sell surplus stamps to other members of the Society. The annual syllabus contained reminders to members to ensure a regular flow of material to the Packet Secretary, and also a reminder to members to use the Clegg Memorial Library 'and make it really valuable.' By 1952, the Library had grown to the point when it was transferred to the Central Library and books were issued by the Librarians against presentation of the member's signed syllabus card.

The 1957 syllabus contained an item which has had great significance for the Society over the years. A new position of Hon. Assistant Secretary was created, and filled by Mr L Y Johnson. The post evolved into the Hon Assistant Secretary and NW Federation Delegate (1958) and then Hon Meeting and Press Secretary, and NW Federation Delegate (1959) before all of these became subsumed with the election of Mr Johnson as Secretary in 1960, a position which he retained for 46 years. Mr Johnson continued to serve as the Club’s Press Officer until his death in January 2011

The Society’s Syllabus for the     1957-58 season


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Club History