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The Southport
Stamp & Postcard
Founded in 1930
The Southport Stamp & Postcard Club

Auctions & Fairs in Southport

Your Opportunity to Buy and Sell in the Town


Stamp and postcard collectors in Southport and the surrounding areas are very fortunate. We don't have to make a Large Letter or a Packet of ourselves to visit an excellent Auction or Stamp Fair on our own doorstep, so to speak!

Southport’s Monthly Stamp Fair


A Stamp and Postcard Fair is held at the Royal Clifton Hotel, The Promenade, Southport PR8 1RB, usually on the last Sunday of each month.

[Check for confirmation in the philatelic press - Stamp News and Gibbons Stamp Monthly have a comprehensive list of upcoming fairs and auctions or call 01704 534448]


A number of dealers are usually present who buy and sell stamps, postcards and postal history


The Fair is open between 10.00am and 4.00pm, and is signposted from the entrance to the hotel. Entrance is 50p.

The Royal Clifton Hotel

How To Find The Venue


Now it is just  possible that there are one or two people who may not know where the Royal Clifton Hotel is located. Do not worry. Click HERE, or on the picture of the hotel, to open a map page.

There is on-street parking all around the hotel, but during the summer months it can get quite busy. An early start is recommended! Don’t forget to bring change to buy a Pay & Display ticket and keep the Traffic Taliban happy!

There is limited parking on the hotel site -very limited at peak times- but you must buy a ticket from the machine near the entrance. There is a number plate recognition system in place.

The Royal Clifton Hotel

The Promenade

Southport PR8 1RB

Southport Stamp Auctions

Southport’s Own Stamp Auctioneers


Southport Stamp Auctions hold Stamp, Postcard and Ephemera Auctions two or three times a year. The Auctions are held at the Royal Clifton Hotel, The Promenade, Southport PR8 1RB

Details can be found by clicking HERE or going to or by calling 01704 534448 or by email to