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Calendar for the 2013-2014 Season

The Calendar and Journal of our Meetings


Each year, we try to bring a varied, not to say eclectic, range of subjects to the fore, with the aim of providing an interesting experience to all our members and guests. Hopefully, we succeed.


Very occasionally, for reasons beyond our control, it may be necessary to re-arrange or cancel a meeting. The Meeting Status indicator will be updated to amber if the meeting is under review, or red if the meeting has been cancelled. Full details will appear here


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Please note that the May 2014 meeting would have fallen on the day following the Early May Bank Holiday, so it has been rescheduled for the following week, 13th May 2014


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Calendar for the 2013-2014 Season


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3rd September 2013

Today is the Anniversary of the start of the Second World War, and we are delighted that the first Guest Speaker of the year, Mr Philip Wharmby, will give us his presentation on that greatest of wartime leaders, Winston Churchill.


1st October 2013

Our proposed speaker for this evening has had to cancel due to illness. I’m sure that we all join in wishing him a speedy recovery.

So, instead of the projected talk this evening, we will entertain ourselves with whatever philatelic material comes to hand. It’s funny how ad hoc evenings like this produce something of interest!


5th November 2013

What could be more appropriate for the Fifth of November than to have an evening of Members’ Displays celebrating Historic Buildings. Perhaps the Houses of Parliament might form the focus of some explosive presentations!


6th December 2013

We all enjoyed our Christmas Dinner last year, so again this year we will combine our December meeting with a satisfying collation of turkey and plum pudding, or whatever else takes our fancy.


7th January 2014  

Our third Guest Speaker of the year is Mr Eric Coulton who will transport us from the miseries of a British Winter to the warmth of the tropics. We will hear about the Rise and Fall of German East Africa. To keep us warm, tea will be served after the Rise and before the Fall.


4th February 2014

The development of international postal services has been intimately associated with the development of air transport. Tonight we will be flying high as our Members offer displays featuring Anything Airmail


4th March 2014

Our meeting this evening is one where we test our alphabetic philatelic knowledge. Having restarted our both-ends-to-the-middle cycle afresh last year, the letters this year are ‘B’ and ‘Y’ Why? Well, I’m sure we’ll find out!



This evening sees the competition for the Leonard Rimmer Trophy. Entries for this Open competition are to be on nine sheets, and exclude material from Great Britain.



Not just the AGM, but also the Club Auction, where the success of the sales can have a marked effect on the subscription for the coming year! So, if you want a say in who is on the Committee next year (or even who is not!) don’t forget to turn up!


3rd June 2014

It has become traditional in our Club that the last evening of the season should be dedicated to postcards. This year we anticipating displays of cards in the traditional colours of Sepia and Black & White.

Journal for the 2013-2014 Season

A Narrative Account of our Season


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3rd September 2013


To mark the anniversary of the start of the second World War, we welcomed visiting speaker Mr Philip Wharmby to give his presentation on Sir Winston Churchill. The collection began with the omnibus issues of 1965/1966 issued on the death of Sir Winston, sets which Mr Wharmby had been given by his father. It was very noticeable that many of the stamps had been issued by countries with either a very tenuous connection or no connection at all with Sir Winston including Ajman, Bhutan and cinderella issues from Pabay.

Ironically, Churchill’s first appearance on any philatelic items seems to have been on a German propaganda card of 1940 showing him in Admiral’s uniform, with a value of ‘keine pfennig’ - no pfennigs! An unusual issue posted at Cape Canaveral in 1966 commemorated Churchill as an honorary US citize.

In addition to the philatelic material, Mr Wharmby also showed a range of material relating to his various memorials, the Cabinet War Rooms, and the development of tanks.

1st October 2013


We noted with regret that our speaker scheduled for this evening had to cancel on account of illness. Wishing him a speedy recovery, four members stepped into the breach, and brought various items for display.

Miss Taylor exhibited a series of portraits of the Kings and Queens of Great Britain, issued by Barbuda; a set issued by Bahrain commemorating the Arab Summit, and a number of stamps issued having plastic surfaces.

Mr Kipps showed us a  number of covers from a local commercial company featuring postal service markings, including ‘stamp invalid, unable to cancel’ for a stamp covered in sellotape, and a large group missent to some very unlikely destinations.

Mr Leather showed a mixture from his postal history pot, including a letter on monogrammed stationery from a Royal Flying Corps pilot who reported his experiences downing the Hun, and a second World War picture postcard sent from Switzerland to the UK - via Berlin!

Mr Robinson concluded the evening with a display of postcards found more than thirty years earlier; his ongoing plan is to collect cards from places visited.

5th November 2013


This evening’s meeting was our final meeting at the Birkdale Branch Library which has since been closed, together with all the other Branch Libraries in Southport, by Sefton Council. It is noticeable that other Branch Libraries, in areas of the Borough more politically in tune with the ruling party, have remained open even though showing very considerably lower usage.

The theme of our evening was Famous Buildings - originally suggested by the date of the meeting being Guy Fawkes Day!

Mr Koller opened our proceedings with a generic sheet of famous buildings, while Mr Hyde developed the theme with a look back at buildings on GB stamps since 2000, including the re-issued Castles stamps from the 1950s and the Scottish Parliament. From there we visited a French series which, each year, features a prominent building in an EU capital.

Miss Taylor took us from the ancient Dilmun civilisation of Bahrain, through Churches in Guernsey, Monasteries in Greece and Mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Mr Kipps brought us closer to home with a tour round Buckingham Palace, the House of Commons, Iona Abbey and the Laxey Wheel before sending us off again to the US Capitol, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum.

Mr Stutthard closed the evening with an amazing display of no fewer than twenty five different cards from Valentines using a variation of the same image. Then we all set fire to the Houses of Parliament!

December 2013


A succession of unfortunate coincidences meant that we were unable to hold our Christmas Dinner as originally planned on 6th December, or on an alternative date either. The Turkey was used for sandwiches and the Christmas Pud was fed on cognac and put back in the cool dry cupboard till next year.

7th January 2014


Our Guest Speaker Mr Eric Coulton gave us an excellent presentation on ‘The Rise and Fall of German East Africa’ relieving the winter gloom with the bright African sun. After early Portuguese influence, the first German interest in the area appeared in 1884, with the first stamps - overprints on homeland types - appearing in 1893. Dedicated stamps arrived in 1896. Mr Coulton added to his display with a wide range of covers, postcards and postal stationery. Items carried on the early railways and shipping lines were well represented. We were shown rare items from the period of the first World War, when few or no stamps were available. The Allied move into East Africa was represented by material from the Indian Expeditionary Force, Field Post Offices, and hospital ships. The presentation concluded with examples of incoming and outgoing mail from internees, and items opened under the Martial Law administration.

4th February 2014


The theme of the evening’s Members’ Displays was concentrated on the development and use of Air Mail. No fewer than ten members had brought material to exhibit which in total covered almost every aspect of aerial post. Our evening started with a display of illustrated air letter forms from the South Pacific - a form of stationery seldom seen these days. We examined pictures and material relating to the van used by the GB GPO during the 1930s to promote the use of air mail, at the time when special collecting boxes painted blue appeared in a number of towns and cities. The PO van itself continued until 1938 but was featured on a stamp from New Zealand. We were treated to an early series of airmail stamps from Greece in a pastel palette with hints of Art Deco, followed by a letter from a Royal Flying Corps pilot, on RFC monogrammed stationery, describing his recent attempts to down the Huns!




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