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The Southport
Stamp & Postcard
Founded in 1930
The Southport Stamp & Postcard Club

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The twenty-first century is all about communication, right? E-mail, flickr, facebook, twitter - it's how people interact. Funny thing is that, though the media have changed, nineteenth and twentieth century people communicated just as much, and just as enthusiastically, as we do today! And they have left us a rich heritage of the letters and cards which they sent each other. Through these, we can go back, and join them in a vanished world.

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Southport Stamp & Postcard Club is the local Club for anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards, or almost anything to do with any of these. You don't have to be an expert. There aren't any rules about what you should or shouldn't collect. If it interests you, great. And if you'd like to share that interest with others, even better!


We meet about once a month. Sometimes we have visiting speakers, sometimes it is one of our own members, and sometimes we all have our own five minutes of fame.


If you haven't been to one of our meetings, why not come to the next one? You'll find details of our upcoming schedule, and how to find us, here on the website! Click HERE


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Stamp collecting always used to be straight forward. You started off, while still at school, sticking stamps from all round the world into a Junior Album. The only criterion of success was the total number of stamps you'd's true, isn't it?


To learn a little more about stamps - classic, commemorative and pictorial, Click HERE



The very first postcards were issued in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in October 1869, and were soon followed by a number of other countries, including the UK where postcards were introduced on 1st October 1870.


To learn a little more about postcards, including a number of pictorial postcards of Southport, please Click HERE


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The website was last updated on Monday 17th June 2019

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● We hold our meetings at the Royal Clifton Hotel on the Promenade in Southport. Click HERE to go to our Meetings page for more information.